About our School

Beverley District High School provides education to around 150 students from Kindergarten to Year 10 from the town of Beverley and the surrounding district. The school is small, friendly and caring. Innovative early literacy programs and effective early and ongoing support programs ensure students are not left behind in learning and have plenty of opportunities for extension. Small class sizes with experienced teachers mean that students get plenty of individual attention and care. Beautiful grounds with historic buildings provide ample room for play and exploration in a relaxed and stimulating environment.


The curriculum focus areas include literacy, numeracy, and science and technologies  across all stages of learning. We also focus on secondary pathways and student wellbeing. 


Our school focuses on being successful, supportive and sustainable:


Being successful: We recognise the fundamental importance of literacy and numeracy to future success and expect our students to achieve the highest possible levels of competence.

  • We teach students to understand and use phonics, morphology, sophisticated vocabulary, and complex text structures. We share and encourage them to read quality literature. 
  • We use the concrete, pictorial, abstract, approach within a whole-school mathematics program to avoid learning gaps and strengthen outcomes.
  • Our Science plan and our Digital Technologies plan both detail a term-by-term teaching focus, with ICT integrated into subject areas across the school day. 
  • Our teachers use highly effective explicit instructional methods so that all students, including those already doing well, make strong progress.


Being supportive: We celebrate the unique potential of each individual and work together with families to help our students to thrive. 

  • We support, resource and nourish early years initiatives.
  • We are committed to Rock and Water, the positive behaviour schools framework and chaplaincy.
  • We will deliver vocational education and training and online learning to support the diverse needs of our secondary students
  • We will enable access to learning support programs for all students who require them. 


Being sustainable: We value our school's heritage and cherish its strong past and its strong future serving the community. 

  • We develop and implement plans for maintaining and improving buildings and grounds.
  • We adopt rigorous systems of review to ensure the school maximises student achievement and wellbeing.
  • We ensure that leadership is nurtured to drive effective initiatives and support the workforce plan.
  • We work to ensure that Beverley DHS is the school of choice for local families.