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More information about the Connect App can be found here.

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  • Beverley ‘Parent Connect’:

Parents who have provided the school with email addresses will receive a notification about this newsletter and other school information via ‘Connect’. You can access calendars of events, newsletters, forms, timetables, excursion information and other resources through the

Beverley DHS Parent Connect Library. The Library is accessible through a tab on the left of the home page. It has folders inside containing relevant documents which you can download.


To access all of this information, you will need to register with Connect. Once you have registered, you will follow a link to set up a password and can then visit the official Beverley District High School Connect Community and look for Beverley DHS Parent Connect

in the Classes tab at the top of the page (it's not really a class, it's a site for parent

information, but it's called a ‘class’ in Connect).


Please contact the school if you need any help to access the ‘Connect’ community and we will happily guide you through the process.



  • Parent resources to help young children learn:
    Parent resources to help young children learn (including factsheets, booklets and videos) are now online. Principals and staff of primary schools are encouraged to promote these to their parents. Posters are also available to download from the Communications and Marketing intranet